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Mountain Metal was founded by Charles M. McCoy in 1947. Trading with the popular commodities of the day, Mountain Metal primarily purchased Copper and Ferrous Materials, better known as Steel. With a primary customer base of Constructionists and those involved in the Coal Industry, Mountain Metal quickly became the leading salvage yard in Floyd County, as well as one of the industry leaders in Kentucky.


In 1972, Mountain Metal entered into its Second Generation as Charles G. McCoy became the company's second President, and was rebranded as The Mountain Metal Company. For over 40 years, Mountain Metal has earned the reputation as one of the leading Salvage Yards in Kentucky. Through expansion in product acceptance, and with core values of Trust, Honesty, and Fairness, as well as being one of the earliest Salvage Yards in the region to pay CASH, Mountain Metal has become a household name to the residents of Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, and Western Virginia. Mr. McCoy has ensured that customers of Mountain Metal received TOP DOLLAR for their materials, making Mountain Metal the first choice for many customers for recycling.

Today, It's a new generation. A new era in Recycling, a new Brand, yet entwined with the same core values. Now entering into the Third Generation, Mountain Metal Recyclables is embarking on new revolutions to make greater protective environmental impact while ensuring our customers receive TOP DOLLAR for their goods. President Charles M. McCoy II and the staff at Mountain Metal Recyclables have a passion for the positive impacts of recycling, and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.  With a proud history of customer satisfaction and the highest prices for your goods, Mountain Metal Recyclables is looking towards a greener future for our customers, and our environment.

Mountain Metal Recyclables has long tenure with positive reputation in the Recycling Industry, with nearly 70 years of history, experience, and customer satisfaction. We hope you will consider the advantages and greater environmental impact that Recycling has, and that you seek to receive the most for your contributions. At Mountain Metal Recyclables, IT PAYS GREEN TO BE GREEN.

Mountain Metal Recyclables

Mountain Metal Recyclables- Where it Pays Green to Be Green!